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We are a small business from the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland, and specialized in visual, flat and hidden loudspeakers in audiosystems since 2016.

Our product is our passion - the Soundwall - it's a wireless audio system hidden in photo canvas.

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2016, there's an urge for innovation in the air. In a lively discussion, Pascal and Adrian discover that only ready-made loudspeakers are available on the market. Customization had somehow not yet found its way into this industry. Tailor-made solutions and the opportunity to differentiate oneself had long been part of the economy. There are customers who need something very special for their sound systems, too.

With this starting point, Pascal and Adrian worked for more than two years on various projects and realized loudspeakers made of sponge wood, studio boxes and home cinema solutions. Sustainable materials and regional production were very important to them right from the start of their activities and have remained so to this day.

In the spring of 2018, a key scene: a customer wants a wireless audio system hidden behind a photo canvas. «A hidden audio system to hang on the wall» was her request. That was the birth date of the SoundWall - the photo canvas speaker.

The idea was so convincing that Pascal and Adrian only specialized in it. The sheer endless possibilities of personalization and the technical challenges were decisive drivers for the team, which now consists of 4 members. Nowadays, many customers already listen to their music on the probably most decorative loudspeaker on the market.

A unique Swiss Made product where the decorative aspect blends with the music. Something for eyes and ears - visual and auditory art in one. The SoundWall is manufactured in Freiburg Switzerland, in a supervised workshop for people with sensory, physical and mental handicaps.

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Our product is our passion - the Soundwall - it's a wireless audio system hidden in photo canvas.

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