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What is a Soundwall?

The SoundWall is a customisable photo canvas with a built-in wireless audio system. Swiss quality of the brand EL Audio at a reasonable price. You can upload your own picture to our online configurator or choose a finished design from our webshop.

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How does the SoundWall work?

With the power button at the bottom you can start the SoundWall. Then connect via Bluetooth, the name EL Audio is displayed. Then you can play the music and relax :) So it’s easy!

Bluetooth PIN / PASSWORD

Use Bluetooth PIN 0000 to connect.
Older models use PIN 4141.

How to hang up a SoundWall?

On the back side at the very top there are two grooves for hanging the SoundWall. For a normal wall two slightly thicker nails are adequate.
Install the SoundWall

How do I connect with the SoundWall?

For example, using your smartphone, PC or TV or even a game console.
Actually, any Bluetooth enabled device.

How long can I listen to music with the SoundWall?

You have two options: Battery S or battery M:
With the battery S, you can listen to music for up to 8 hours without stopping. Perfect if you listen to music several times a week.
Battery M lets you listen to music for up to 24 hours without stopping. Perfect if you listen to music several times a day.

How to recharge the batteries?

By inserting the supplied plug into the charging socket (at the bottom of the picture, next to the power button).

Where can I see that my SoundWall is fully charged?

Plug the charging cable into the wall socket and into your SoundWall. There is an LED on the charging cable supplied.
If the LED is green: the SoundWall has finished charging.
If the LED is red: The SoundWall is still charging.

How long do I have to charge the SoundWall until it is fully charged again?

Depends on the size of the battery:
In only 1 hour and 15 minutes the battery S is fully charged again.
In about 3 hours the battery M is fully charged again

How to design a SoundWall?

For this you go to the following link. Choose your size and upload your picture:

To the configurator

Can I design a SoundWall for someone else? As a gift for example?

Sure! Use our configurator and create your very own personal gift.

How is the quality of the music?

Thanks to the state of the art of the technology, it is now possible to produce very flat and powerful speakers. In combination with our electronics, we can guarantee optimal music quality. It is tuned to have the best sound experience once the SoundWall hangs on the wall.

How much does a SoundWall cost?

From 249 CHF you get the smallest model (Incl. accessories)

What is the delivery time?

Every SoundWall is unique and handmade. Therefore we need about 10 days for the production. The delivery takes about 3-5 days.

Can I pick up the SoundWall after production?

To save shipping costs, you can also pick up the SoundWall from our manufacturing company.

Pickup address:
CIS Fribourg
Rte des Daillettes 1
1700 Fribourg - CH
Opening hours 08:00 - 17:00

Can I see and listen to the SoundWall anywhere in Live?

Discover the SoundWall at one of our partners:

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