Questions and answers


What is a SoundWall?

The SoundWall is a customizable photo canvas with an integrated wireless audio system.

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What is hidden in a SoundWall?

  • Two 5 inch full range speakers
  • A Class D amplifier
  • A Bluetooth module
  • A digital signal processor
  • A rechargeable battery
  • Other electronic components
  • Insulation wool

All hidden behind a 100% sustainable canvas (100% recycled PET). The speakers are not visible.

QuickStart with SoundWall

How do I turn on the SoundWall?

At the bottom is the power button. The SoundWall starts in only 1 second and returns an acoustic signal.

The SoundWall is switched on when the light of the power button is white.

How do I connect to the SoundWall?

When the SoundWall is turned on, it becomes visible via Bluetooth to other Bluetooth-enabled devices with the Bluetooth name EL Audio.

  1. Go to the settings of your device (smartphone, computer, TV, …) and select Bluetooth.
  2. Search for new devices.
  3. Connect to “EL Audio”.
  4. enter the Bluetooth PIN 0000.

Older models use the PIN 4141.

What is the Bluetooth PIN?

The Bluetooth PIN is 0000.

Older models use the PIN 4141.

The Bluetooth PIN is also noted on the back of the SoundWall.

How do I hang the SoundWall on the wall?

On the back side at the top are two grooves for hanging the SoundWall. For a normal wall, two slightly thicker nails are sufficient.

Install SoundWall

Nails, dowels and screws are included.

Battery - charge and discharge

How long can I listen to music on one battery charge?

Depends on which battery you ordered:

  • With the Battery S you can listen to music for up to 8 hours without stopping. Perfect if you listen to music several times a week.
  • With the Battery M you can listen to music for up to 24 hours without stopping. Perfectly suited if you listen to music several times a day.

How do I charge a SoundWall?

With the supplied 3 meter charging cable. The SoundWall can still be used during the charging process and remain hanging on the wall.

When is a SoundWall fully charged?

There is a small LED light on the included charging cable. If it is lit RED, then the SoundWall is charging. If it lights GREEN, then the SoundWall is 100% charged.

When is a SoundWall discharged?

When the SoundWall battery is discharged, the SoundWall will automatically turn off. The power button will no longer be white.

Design your own SoundWall

How does the SoundWall Online Configurator work?

In 5 steps to your personalized SoundWall:

  1. choose the desired format (square, 4:3, 16:9).
  2. choose the desired size (S, M or L).
  3. upload your own picture, place it according to your wishes and add filters. Select the desired battery (S or M). 5.
  4. confirm and send your SoundWall to production (production time about 10 days).

→ Design your own SoundWall now via our online configurator

Can I also have a completely custom format built?

Sure, contact us!

Is a personalized image more expensive?

If you design a SoundWall yourself, you will pay an additional 39 CHF (~35.6 EUR, ~42.4 USD). This is because we have extra work to prepare your image for the final print.

Delivery terms / Collection / Return policy

What are the delivery periods?

Each piece is unique and handmade. Therefore, we need about 10 days for production. The delivery takes about 3-5 days.

Can the SoundWall be picked up locally?

To save you the shipping costs, you can of course pick up the SoundWall at our production company.

Pickup address:

  • CIS Fribourg
    Rte des Daillettes 1
    1700 Fribourg - CH

Opening hours 08:00 - 17:00

Is there a right of return?

Yes! We are convinced that you will be thrilled with the SoundWall.

You have a right of return of 14 days from the day of delivery to you. You will then return the SoundWall using a postal return slip and get a full refund.

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