Great sound

You will love the sound

An innovative and sophisticated audio system is hidden behind the only 4 cm deep canvas.

A powerful Class D amplifier, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and two full range speakers provide clear sound and good bass.

The sound body is made of 100% fir wood - not plastic.

Canvas and print

Two full range speakers provide a great sound - SoundWall - Photo canvas speaker

As color-intesive as a piece of art

The images are printed by sublimation process on a sound-permeable acoustic fabric.

Sublimation printing or transfer printing refers to the printing process in which the dye is vaporized (sublimated) into the substrate. Whether it is photos, graphics, illustrations or traditional artwork, thermal sublimation always convinces with a faithful result.

Ecological fabric

The fabric is made of 100% recycled polyester (e.g. from PET bottles).

Invisible sound system

Your guests will wonder where the music is coming from. Only the canvas is visible. The speakers remain invisible.

Your very own piece of art

Online configurator

Using our intuitive online configurator, you can upload your own picture and design your own canvas speaker in just 5 steps.

In addition, the size, format and battery power is customizable.

A mural without cables

The decorative wireless audio system - SoundWall


Play music via Bluetooth on your smartphone, computer, television or console.

All music apps and radio apps are compatible (Spotify, Youtube, Radio Fribourg, Radio Swiss Pop, etc...)


Our battery cells are CE certified according to European standard.

With the battery M, you can listen to music continuously for up to 24 hours. Up to 8 hours with the battery S.

The supplied charging cable is 3 meters long. So the SoundWall can simply remain suspended for charging and after only 3 hours the battery is 100% charged again.

Convice yourself

We are convinced that you will like it!

Order risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

Swiss handcraft quality

Made in Switzerland in a workshop for people with physical, sensory and mental handycaps.

The most decorative
sound system on the market

Discover SoundWall

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All important information about the SoundWall in our data sheet as PDF


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